Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Awakening signing and thoughts

A different type of post today, as it's not really featuring artwork from me. I just finished writing a full After Thoughts post over at View From Heaven regarding a signing at Jim Hanley's Universe this afternoon for Archaia Comics' Awakening, written by Nick Tapalansky and illustrated by Alex Eckman-Lawn.

While I posted my full thoughts of the signing and basically hanging out with Alex, I did leave out one photo from the post, since I couldn't find a place it would fit:


That there is the "tour exclusive" print (which Nick said I'm probably one of the only people that has both this print and the previous exclusive pre-order print) along with my signed book... and there's me in my favorite Star Trek shirt...

Regardless, I just wanted to say how I really like Alex's artwork and how it's a nice combination of photography, digital imagery, and hand-drawn artwork. Because some people, like Ben Templesmith (who has been somewhat of an ass to me on occasion) can't always find success with such a method of comic art, and then shut down your opinion of their work when you note the flaws (yeah Ben, you!). And really, Alex's artwork is what got me into Awakening in the first place, it was only after reading that found out Nick's writing was just as good. So do yourself a favor and check out both of their blogs, linked in the first paragraph.

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