Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hand Me Down

For my Anatomy class, project was just to draw/paint/whatever a big hand on a piece of 4' x 3' paper. Of course, given the ambiguous assignment, I decided to go in the creative direction... turning a big hand into a giant Star Destroyer (thanks, Star Wars). Here's a step by step run through [click the images for bigger versions]:

First, before even drawing, a mock-up was made in Photoshop. Which was then measured, and proportioned to fit the 4' x 3' paper; I do this because I refuse to use grids.

After drawing in the hand, the planet was drawn in, and measurement lines erased.

Hand is inked (Higgins' Black Magic) with a brush, details added in.

NuPastels used to render the planet and lazers.

Sharpie used to add stars in the background (hard to see in thumb). (I debated using charcoal/pastel to blacken in the space area, but that would've been way too messy without any sealer).


Drawing was done in, over a period of two days, about 4 hours. And that's excluding the mock-up which included photography, Photoshop, and the math used to proportion the image. Inking and rendering was started and completed today in about 3.5 hours.

Hopefully I can get a better photo of this someday, instead of taking it from the tight quarters that is my tiny hallway/bathroom.

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