Thursday, June 3, 2010

And then it was over.

Finally! After months of delay, I finally finished all 10 of the requests I was given on deviantART. This last request was:

"A robot, wrestling a tree zombie which is sprouting flowers everywhere." I mean, there may as well be a show hosted by Bill Cosby called DeviantArtists Say The Darndest Things, because I certainly can't make these things up myself...

Flash/Photoshop again, although I played a lot more with texture erasing this time, more so than I did on "Cole's Law". Also, the Ghostshrimp-y trees were totally a subconscious thing, the only reference I used on this was how to draw a proper choke hold...

I'm pretty happy with how these requests turned out, because if you look at the first one and compare it to this, there's so much development going on it's ridiculous. Now I can finally get onto other things on my drawing to-do list, and never take deviantART requests again!

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