Sunday, January 23, 2011

Now on Vimeo

Nothing new to show yet, sorry! But I've just spent this afternoon making myself a Vimeo account!

Jared D. Weiss on Vimeo

To differentiate between my YouTube and Vimeo channels, I decided not to upload everything from my YouTube page to my Vimeo. Instead I'm using Vimeo to host higher quality versions of my final films (though I still am not posting my 2nd year film online yet) and my more polished short exercises.

As to what I'll use to post stuff on here now, I'm not sure, I still have to wait to upload a couple more older videos to Vimeo because unlike YouTube, they have weekly limits; and I'm not sure how adjustable their embed code is (I have to change the YouTube ones from their presets to fit on here). Eventually I'll stick a Vimeo button the the side of the site here as well, but I'd either have to make a new, larger VFH button, or wait till I join something else to keep it all even...

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