Tuesday, December 27, 2011

They're Here!

After a couple of months of waiting, the first tapes from Otherworldly Mystics are now available and ready for order!

When Chris (the label owner) sent me these photos tonight I got super excited. I'm really proud of the OM logo I designed and I think it looks really great and fitting on these packages. In addition to the logo design, I also assisted in the overall packaging format. While different artists are in control of each albums' artwork and package design, I've supervised the general layout to make sure each Otherworldly Mystics release has a semi-uniform layout.

Both Teeel's Amulet and Teams' Catch Pool EP are available to order now (in limited quantities), with more tapes from other artists on the way. Seriously, they're both awesome albums, and the sound quality from the tapes is fantastic!

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