Monday, November 11, 2013

Book One Press

Book One has been making its rounds on the internet, here's just a snippet of the reviews:

From Decoder:
"Pulling seventeen tracks of spaced, largely synth-focused sounds, Book One is a Philip K. Dick- and Arthur C. Clarke-inspired drift featuring sci-fi art that’d look ideal on your shelf of thrift store paperbacks."

From Portals:
"The beautifully designed Book One features a vibrant, pulp-inspired album cover lifted straight from your favorite sci-fi book club flyer, but the real treasure is what lies behind the pages."

The tape was also featured on the blog Mystic Groove, as well as spoken about in surprising detail within the first 15 min on the latest Tabs Out Cassette Podcast, where they amusingly mispronounce and suggest Bing-ing my name, and even play Matt Marblo's Tetrahominoid track in full!

UPDATE 12-16-13: Tabs Out ranked Book One #46 on their list of Top 200 Tapes of 2013! It's also the #2 compilation on the list!

Plus! A new quote from Ad Hoc:
"The dope ass cover art, which looks like a classic Isaac Asimov novel, sucked me in. The 17 tracks-- all by artists I have never heard word one about-- kept me floating in it’s cosmic realm."

"The vintage sci-fi book jacket style artwork sets the tone for this unexpected and stylistically varied collection ... One of those things that you see around, forget to listen to, and then get completely lost in."


And on a semi-unrelated note, here's my favorite review for Transmission so far:

Can't really ask for much more than that ;;)

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