Monday, July 7, 2014

Recent Developments

Hey there, I don't update this as often as I'd like but here's what I've been up to:

Most recently I created a new identity for Chris Roberts' music pseudonym, Orca Life:

I drew this in pencil first, inked it with a brush pen, and then edited it in Photoshop. The stages can be seen on my Tumblr.

Before that, I laid out the artwork for Rachel Thomasin's new album out on Otherworldly Mystics. Rachel provided the base artwork herself, but I was responsible for the layout and copy for the cover/interior as well as the labels on the tapes and the color choices.

And lastly, some GIFs from a series I'm calling Animals In Shirts; if I'm lucky they'll have me reboot Shirt Tales...


I have more projects in the works but that's all there is to show for now.

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