Monday, May 17, 2010

Mermen vs Cyclopses

Because sometimes people on deviantART requested the strangest things...

"Two brightly-colored cyclopses fighting two dull-colored mermen with radical adventure weapons made out of the elements!"

I honestly haven't drawn since my computer had failed on me, so doing this felt really nice. Flash and Photoshop as usual, but I did something differently this time around. such as the new texture I got. And I learned that I prefer black outlines on my characters, because the other requests I've done I've tried colored outlines, and I find that I really don't like those pieces.

In film news, I went through the grueling WithoutABox submission form and am currently looking into submitting to a few festivals. Other than that, more drawings, that's my goal for the summer...

UPDATE 6/3: Now posted on SVA's Visual Arts Briefs blog.

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