Thursday, May 6, 2010

Watch These Films.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and watch these films, because even though they're second year films, they're infinitely better than all the things I saw at SVA's thesis screening this year ... and I'm not just saying that because I'm in the special thanks for the second one.

First off is "Deep Sea Aquarium" by Polly Guo, which I tried to make better titles for.., but regardless, it's a pretty awesome film and freaks the hell out of me every time I watch it. Which is good, cause that doesn't happen often.

Deep Sea Aquarium from Polly Guo on Vimeo.

This next one is "A Tale of Honor and Glory" by Matt Marblo, which despite the suggested two minute assignment length, he did a whopping 4:13 film, and it's radtastic.

A Tale of Honor and Glory from Matt Marblo on Vimeo.

As to why I'm in the special thanks... uh, logo consultant, let's call it that.

Keep in mind, these were made in ONE semester, and are in full color/sound. The thesis films I saw had a whole year to work on them, and yet 80% were either unfinished or just awful.

And as for MY final film, I won't post it publicly online just yet, I'm looking into the film festival route first, and then I'll consider it. The main issue is that the film is based on a much larger project of mine, and if I post the film it's going to force me to post the other pieces which takes a lot of explaining... for the concept at least.

Not to offend other classmates whose work was also good, but these two I know are online, and definitely require viewing. I just hope I can promote my own film just as well when I eventually get it online.

UPDATE: My other friend, Deena Beck, just put her film, "Don't Follow Strange Things," online and on her brand new blog, which I've linked on the side:

Don't Follow Strange Things from Deena Beck on Vimeo.

And I have to give an extra special thanks to Deena, because had she not kindly let me borrow her computer in the last few days of production, I would have never finished because of my recent computer failure.

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