Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sewper Mutant

Here it is, the start of my first ever made-for-web comic/character. While I've been creating characters and stories for as long as I could draw, I've always had a fear of theft when it comes to posting original character stuff online. Which is why, as you may have noticed, I mostly ever post fan art. With Sewper Mutant, I'm creating the character for the specific purpose of seeing how things go with my internet fears. Granted this project will be a lot less personal than the story-based work I usually do, and will be a comedy as opposed to a narrative, but it's a start regardless.

I basically spent the day working out concepts of this guy, which is one part Killer Croc, one part Hulk, and most parts weird Kermit the Frog... before the design you see above was made, I almost settled on this one below... but it was a little too Johnny Quest.

Hopefully I can get one or two of the Sewper Mutant comics I have in my head done sometime before the end of the month, if they end up piling up, I'll create a tab on the side for it specifically. Hope you come back to see more!

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