Monday, August 2, 2010

Ulises Farinas' Batman

Just finished coloring this a couple hours ago; it's the first page in a 14-page Batman comic by Ulises Farinas for his to-be DC Anthology, which will feature the art of numerous artists (including Polly Guo and Nick Edwards, who I had previously featured with his entry to the anthology).

The one on the left was my first go at it, and the one the right was made after Ulises gave me some pointers on his preferred vision for the comic. Ultimately, however, I decided that the back and forth critiquing and the hours of work I dedicated to this page alone just wouldn't work with my current schedule and a September deadline for 14 pages in total, especially if we weren't exactly seeing eye to eye with the final vision. However, I definitely learned a lot from my time spent on this page and I thank Ulises for at least giving me a shot and hope everything works out for him and this anthology.

This last shot is just a detail look, because I happen to really like how this came out, and the small size doesn't do it justice. Do I wish I could have done more for this project? Of course, and had I had more time than just one month to do all this, I think things could have worked out in the end. But for what it's worth, I like what I've done and will use what I've learned on future projects.

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