Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Opening the Vault

Happy almost new year everyone! I've got some exciting news! Starting next year (i.e. in a few days) I'll be doing something very special. I've decided to finally put some of my original characters online! It won't be everything, I've been creating characters/stories since I was 10 afterall, but it'll be something.

I'm going to start by posting both of my first year films from SVA, both of which have never been put publicly online, and I'll also been posting some background stuff on them too, such as the original drawings of the characters from 3+ years ago, and other supplemental materials. And I may even post new drawings of the characters as well, as a way of commemorating such an event. It might not seem like that big of a deal to you, but it is to me, as I've always been adamant about posting my original characters/stories online; but the Sewper Mutant project has definitely helped with me being a bit more comfortable about the whole thing.

And, if this all goes well, I'll possibly consider posting my second year film and its supplemental material; though that project I still like to think is a work in progress and is a lot more dear to me than these other two that I'll be posting. As in, yes the film aspect is done, but the real heart of the project is unfinished and I hope to complete it before I share it, however long that may take. Regardless, stay tuned!

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