Sunday, January 2, 2011

From the Vault: OctoCop

As promised, here it is, my first year, first semester film OctoCop - "Night Off". Originally created in June 2007, OctoCop was actually made by accident while trying to doodle something else in my Math class, and I just kind of went with it. Since its original creation, and subsequent comic and short film, I've been very much against posting anything online, but it's a new year, and quite frankly, it needs work:

Unlike everything I post nowadays, this was animated on paper, with just pencil, and unfortunately the method used to capture and edit all of it wasn't that great. But it was my first short film, so it is what it is.

The original OctoCop drawing, where he was apparently land-dwelling...

Some drawings and a comic created shortly after the initial drawing in 2007.

And lastly, pages from the started, but never finished, OctoCop comic. This was to be about 20 pages. It was all roughly laid out, around 10 pages were finished in pencil, and just a few were inked. I never finished it due to a busy schedule from portfolio reviews, and by the time I wanted to get back into it, the titular character's, Derek Goldfish (there's a lot of explaining to do), design changed too much.

OctoCop was a really big deal to me back in 2007 and 2008, at the time, it was the most intricate story/design I had done, and really changed how I looked at storytelling and character creation. Of course, looking back now, there were a lot of flaws, but that's the learning process I suppose.

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