Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sewper Mutant the Usurper

My final for Advanced Life Drawing, in which we had to take an existing image [in my case, Frank Frazetta's "Conan the Usurper"(1967)] and do a shape study and make the image our own... unfortunately I may have made mine a bit too close instead of going with what I had initially intended to do; but I'll credit that change to not understanding the project exactly.

I felt like making an epic Sewper Mutant image, and 'the Usurper' has long been of my favorites of Frazetta's Conan pieces, so that's where I went with the project. The actual image is 11"x17" and done completely in Photoshop. I'll update this after I get a photo of the print out.

...and yes, that's a poopsnake.

Update: Made the prints this afternoon, here's a photo:

I think this print out came out better than the Black Dynamite poster... it fits the page better for some reason...

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