Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Imposter

I finished this a couple days ago, but as said, I waited till after the in-class critique to post it:

This was supposed to just be a ten word dialogue assignment... but we were given way too much time for it, so I put it on 1s and basically just made a thirteen second short film.

To be honest though, in the nearly five week period we were given, I really only worked for about a week's time... just spread over four weeks...

The voice audio is from RedLetterMedia's Star Wars Episode II review. The rest of the audio I did.

You can also watch this on my YouTube or in .swf form on deviantART.


  1. Oh this made me giggle, I was just watching that video a day ago!

  2. thanks maggie, glad you enjoyed it. i love rewatching his reviews.