Monday, February 28, 2011

Now on Tumblr.

First Vimeo, now Tumblr. I did it, I've completed the ultrafecta of the internet. You're welcome.

The Works & Derps of Jared D. Weiss ... on Tumblr.

I'll be using it to re-post my work, find old work of mine that had been posted on Tumblr by other people and re-blog it. And I'll probably post nonsensical items as well... At least this gives me reason to finally make two more button for my side bar on the right there.


  1. I really like that little lip sync you did down there.

    Now that you mention your side bar. How did you get that there? I've been trying to find a way to do this. Please share.

  2. Hey, thanks for commenting Stuart!

    Are you referring to the sidebar itself? Or all the buttons? Cause the sidebar just comes with the Blogger theme. As for the buttons, I custom made each one myself, and then i just do some simple html coding.