Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stone Quackers, Lucas Bros, FXX and more

Hey there, sorry I dont update this as often as I do my Tumblr. I've been busy working at ADHD, animating and storyboarding on The Lucas Bros Moving Co as well as animating and coloring a new series of shorts with Evan Borja called OG Sherlock Kush. Both of which, and Stone Quackers (which I worked on last year) will all be airing on January 22nd on FXX, and airing every Thursday after that.

There were already a couple preview nights, on FXX on Jan. 2, and FX on Jan 8, where preview episodes of all 3 aired before their official premiere. I managed to snag some screenshots of my credits from the FX Now app:

There were no on-screen credits for OG, so I just screenshot the title card, for which I did the text and animated the flame. Episode of Lucas and Quackers should be on Hulu the next day after they air, and OG shorts will be up on YouTube. I'll be sure to link to all of them once they're up.

Other than that... got some new projects in mind, and album art to reveal soon. We'll see.


  1. Is there any way to watch OG Sherlock Kush online right now? Would love to see it.

    1. If you have a cable log in, you can watch it in the whole block on the FXNow App. Otherwise we should have something to share soon. Lucas Bros and Stone Quackers are now available on Hulu though.

  2. Is there a list somewhere of all the music featured in Stone Quackers? I wanna know the track that Bug keeps making repeat when he sits on the record player at the end of the episode with the rats.