Saturday, January 31, 2015

Where To Watch

This has come up a few times now so here's quick update for you.

We (Evan Borja, Nick Sazani, and myself) made a 'trailer' for The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush this past week, of all new footage not from the series itself:

As it says at the end of the trailer, new episodes will air on FOXADHD's YouTube every Friday afternoon. You can still catch them early on the FXX Thursday night airings at 12:45 though.

As for full TV shows, The Lucas Bros Moving Co, Stone Quackers, and even the OG Sherlock shorts can be seen live on FXX Thursdays at midnight (technically Friday...) or you can rewatch the entire block on the FXNow App (requires a cable log-in, sadly).

For those without cable, Stone Quackers and The Lucas Bros Moving Co are now both on Hulu! (which is USA only... sorry again) Or you can watch the full Animation Domination block on here too... but there's ads, and you need a cable log in again.

Unfortunately I have no idea what the international broadcast situation is for these shows, but at least the FOXADHD YouTube is region free so you can keep up with OG Sherlock Kush.

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