Monday, July 19, 2010

... and I do coloring.

Forget logo design, now I'm doing coloring! This isn't anything that's going to be published, but the artist who drew and inked this, Nick Edwards, was recently published in Popgun, Volume 4.

When Mr. Edwards submitted his original line art last month, I commented on how rad it would look in color, and he responded with "you do it". So one month later, I finally decided to do it, asked for the .psd, and here is the result. The actual size I colored at was about 13" x 16", so if you want to see a bigger version than the 1000 x 1254 version below, just ask me.

I actually finished this on the 16th, but waited for Nick's approval via e-mail, which I finally received this morning before heading to work. I blame these five-hour time zone differences; not cool Earth, not cool.

I just really liked this piece and I'm glad Nick gave me the chance to do this, because I've never really done much Photoshop coloring with my tablet aside from edits for pieces I've drawn already in Flash. But at least I now know it's much better than the days last year and before where I colored my own work in Photoshop just using a mouse...

But yeah, if anyone out there that needs coloring done, and has a .psd file with line art, feel free to ask me. Amateur or commercial, no preference really, as long as I'm credited for coloring.

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