Monday, July 26, 2010


Decided to finally make a new 'press photo' (a.k.a. photo that I use everywhere for about a year) for myself, because the old Scott Pilgrim t-shirt one was from last October, and my hair and beard have grown significantly since then. Not that I have anything against Scott Pilgrim now, I did just buy and read Volume 6 and enjoyed it quite a bit. Anyways, nerdy Jesus...

I took a bunch of photos this morning of myself wearing both the hoody and t-shirt of this rad design from Threadless based on the even radder movie Tron, which is getting an even more radder sequel this December. Then selected the one that worked best, and did some Photoshop magic on it. I even added a texture to make it looked aged, but if that's a bother to anyone I have a version w/o the texture if you feel the need to compare:

In non-self-indulgent photo news, I'm planning doing a made-for web comic or something. I've always been leery of posting my original characters online, and therefore haven't, so I'm going to text the waters with something completely new. So, yeah, keep an eye out for that!

Update: Nice, I got on the Threadless product page, sort of!

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