Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The second half premiere of Ugly Americans aired tonight! I was at some shindig for Augenblick and the aired it, and the credits went by damn fast. Thankfully I asked brother to record the episode on the DVR back home, and he was able to rewind, pause, and snap this photo for me:

I guess because of premiere time advertising and what not, they had to go with 'fast credits' which I've seen on a lot of networks where time overlap is an issue. When I skimmed the episode the other day at the studio, the credits looked like the traditional Comedy Central style credits, and you could actually read everything. But alas, here it is, my first ever televised credit. Time to update my IMDb page!

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  1. Holy cow, you're famous! Kinda gay that it lists you as an "Intern" though. Oh well.