Thursday, October 7, 2010

Updated Navigation

I've just been on a role with posts these last few days! This one's a small one though, but I just wanted to mention that I've updated my right-side navigation menu.

(over there ->)

Main points, I made a LinkedIn account at 4:30AM today, still trying to figure it out, but if your a professional in the art field, and want to connect, feel free to add me on that, it'd be greatly appreciated. I also made a button for my IMDb page; I've had the page since the summer when my film was 'in consideration' for Animation Block Party, but there wasn't too much on there aside from the credits from said film. But with my credits from Ugly Americans coming in, I figured I would finally make a link for that as well. Plus, it keeps the navigation even.

And, aside from the two new buttons, I updated the deviantART button with their new logo and I also rearranged all of them, because the difference in logo size between LinkedIn and IMDb was just throwing off my graphic design feng shui... derp.

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