Saturday, January 8, 2011

From the Vault: Pat E. Puss the Platypus

Last day of vacation, so as promised like before, here's my final film from spring semester of my first year at SVA: Pat E. Puss the Platypus in "T.V. Time"

This film, in all honesty, is the result of laziness. It wasn't storyboarded like OctoCop (which makes an appearance), and quite frankly I grew tired of the character even before I started the film, I can't even explain how I feel now.

But, the film itself, is basically a clip show, the main two of which have some explaining to do. "Dear Journal" is a parody of Brad Neely's Baby Cakes, starring myself, and basically is me venting about my first year. During the making of the film, I managed to get in contact with Brad via e-mail and discussed his process and he was very helpful, hence the Special Thanks credit at the end.

The longest segment is a special little short called, "Doctor vs. Doctor," and it's special because it's actually a re-shoot of the first animation I ever did. It was also made shortly after Matt Smith was announced as the 11th Doctor, hence him appearing in his promo shot outfit; I assume this would be his first stint as a Doctor then, since this is from 2009, haha! And yes, I still have all these cutouts.

And now for some history, Pat E. Puss was and is so far my only character created to appeal to other people, as it was an assignment specifically made for me by my high school art teacher.

Some early drawings of Pat from 2007; the ones on the left are the first ones, when I first settled on making a platypus character.

The final assignment I handed in, 18"x24" painted in gouache.

But yeah, I think the whole aspect of the character being made for other people's appeal and not my own is probably the main reason why I have no connection to the character anymore. Unlike Derek Goldfish or the character in my 2nd year film, I have no personal connection to Pat, and I think the time spent not thinking about him has made me stop liking him even more...

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