Saturday, May 28, 2011

Changes and Possible Changes

I already posted this on my Tumblr (which I've been using a lot lately, mainly to post dumb Photoshop-makings though, go look!), but it made sense to post it here too:

So, I finally upgraded from my 3 year old Macbook Pro to a new one, with a hi-res matte screen. And while the colors/brightness are way better on this one, I’m quickly seeing all the inconsistencies with all my personal pages (Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, my blog, etc), not to mention that I'm adjusting to the higher resolution of the screen (more space on web pages, in Flash, etc). I knew the problems existed, but I only ever saw them on Cintiqs, which I don't get to use often so I let it slide.

Because of all this, I might to a complete overhaul of all my stuff soon to ensure it’s all uniform, and just to have a fresh change in general as I gear up for thesis production, as I know I won't want to update it all once I'm in production.

Just a forewarning ;)

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