Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Loop de Loop

I've forgotten to post this for a couple weeks now, I've just been so busy with all the end of year stuff going on at SVA, finishing my final film (which you can see the animatic for now) and moving back to New Jersey.

Last month, awesome Australian based animator Neil Sanders, contacted me about a new animation event he was putting together in Melbourne, and asked if I could submit my "Trip Nip, Sit." animation.

The event's long form title is Loop de Loop @ Loop, it's a new monthly animation challenge/screening, with a big long description if you're into history. But basically, each month has a theme, animators submit their work, people vote on them, and at the end of the month everything gets screened at Loop Bar in Melbourne, where the animator with the highest votes gets put in their Hall of Fame.

This month's theme is LAUNCH, as the program is launching, and mine was the first to go up since it was requested and already made; but I'd really appreciate some 5-star votes! If this new event has a good outcome, I might consider doing something each month, as a fun break from all the work I plan on doing for my thesis film. We'll see!

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