Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Loop de Loop Update

(Update 6/4/11: Neil Sanders was nice enough to send a couple extra photos my way of my animation from the show! First, another grid of work, this time with the character visible. And second, Neil himself next to a gargantuan version of my animation; which still astonishes me!)

No, I still haven't gotten around to updating all my graphics yet... but anyways... The first ever Loop de Loop screening was last night (or maybe two night ago, as Australia time is like... a full day ahead of here), and my work was screened alongside 49 other great animators' work. I'd of loved to have been there, but... other side of the planet and all.

Mine's the white one in the middle with the chair, previously seen here.

Over at the Loop de Loop website, there's a post about the screening, the attendance, and the winners, with a few more photos as well; you should totally check it out. I'm very glad to hear that they had a great turnout for an event that only started early last month, and I'm honored that my work was played right next to some really awesome animations from people on the other side of Earth.

I'm looking forward to making something entirely new for next month's theme, I just have to fit it into my thesis' pre-production schedule, as I've been working on that all summer.

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