Monday, June 13, 2011


This is my 3rd year final film from SVA. It's about a neglectful hospital staff. I waited a couple months before posting this online so that I could hear back from a couple festivals; I didn't make the cut, so now here it is:

The film assignment called for at most, a 1.5 minute short. I couldn't think of anything short (as I've had thesis on the mind for some time now) so I asked Matt if I could use an absurd idea we had come up with last year during class; hence why he received a writer's credit.

Along with the animatic, the film took about a month to make, with my other classes/finals added into that work time. It was done from start to finish completely in Flash, and I reused some parts of the animatic to save time.

My only gripe about the film is that a few sound effects repeat, which was a strange After Effects error that kept occurring, even when I redid the entire voice track twice, and lost patience come the 3rd time. But it's behind me now and is what it is, I've been too enveloped in my thesis film for this film to bother me. I can just say I've learned from the experience, and I'll make sure not to have the errors occur when it comes to compositing my thesis.

Enjoy the film, and share it with your friends!

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